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Fishing Locations in United States

Not sure where to go fishing? Heard about some place but don't know where it may be and how to get there?

See if you can find it using the information in EZFishing Region and State pages.

Browse through the 356466 locations currently stored in EZFishing database, and check out each location's notebook, to find maps and directions, weather and water conditions, nearby facilities and fishing reports.

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Region & State Information

Region and state state pages, provide summary information about fishing locations in these areas.

In these pages users can find fishing news, weather conditions for relevant cities, statistics on the locations defined in that region or state, as well as useful links to local clubs and fishing information provided by local government.

EZFishing users can also search for a specific location, or browse through all the locations of a give type nearby a certain zipcode.

EZFishing Fishing Locations for a State

Locations Notebook

For each location, EZFishing provides a detailed location notebook page, showing a map of that location, with its public sites, and nearby facilities. Users can filter on the type of sites that are shown. And, registered users can define new sites, also deciding whether they want to share them with others or not.

EZFishing Tide Station Graph

Focusing on a specific site, users can also find directions, current weather and forecast, water conditions (if available) as well as the type of fish, techniques and gear that have been associated to that location by other users.

EZFishing Tide Station Graph

Registered users can also extend the fishing location's notebook with their personal notes, and decide whether to share them with anyone or just their friends. Additionally, registered users can rate that location.

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EZFishing members can use their personal fishing notebook, post reports in their journal and maintain their catchcard up to date.

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With thousands of locations across USA available, you may want to quickly narrow your search.

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No worries, we will put it online soon.

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Let others know about that new fishing location you have discovered, or your last memorable catch and how you pull that off. Write a featured article or just post a fishing report, and include your pictures.

Recommend fishing gear you have been happily using, or make sure other don't make your same purchasing mistake!

Can't find fishing news from your favorite online magazine, or links to your club or shop web site? Email EZFishing with that information and we will be glad to see to publish it.


Fishing Locations are used to help users research the best fishing places, plan outings and report the outcome of their fishing expeditions.

EZFishing locations include streams, lakes, estuaries, canals, bays, etc. (See the Location Browser for a list of all types)

EZFishing members can find various information about locations, including: directions, weather and water conditions, reports, etc.

EZFishing members can also add personal notes and/or publich review and pictures to locations for other members to enjoy.

Fishing locations are all public and are visible to all EZFishing members.

EZFishing database contains thousands of fishing locations, so we don't see the need to allow users to define new locations. However, we will listen to your feedback and see make changes when needed.


A Fishing Site is a "precise place" where your can go fishing.

Members can see and add information about the fishing sites, including their precise location (GPS), current and forecasted weather conditions, water conditions, types of fish caught and techniques used.

Unlike Fishing Locations, EZFishing members can define fishing their own Fishing Sites.

Fishing Sites defined by members can be private. public or visible only to any member's buddies.

A number of public Fishing Sites is predefined in EZFishing, including USGS sites and NOAA sites.