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Fishing Pennsylvania

EZFishing brings you Pennsylvania's most comprehensive list of fishing locations, providing interactive maps that show each location's GPS coordinates, nearby facilities (like restaurants, gas stations, marinas and fishing shops), their current and forecasted weather and, if available, their water conditions.

Registered users can rate fishing locations, post their personal/public notes and also tag them with information about fish species generally caught there as well as the most common and effective fishing techniques.

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Find any of the 8304 locations currently available in EZFishing database, to check fishing reports, maps, directions, weather and water conditions.


Pennsylvania Fishing Resources

Fishing regulations and licensing, guides/outfitter services and local fishing clubs in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Fishing Regulations

Are you familiar with the fishing regulation in Pennsylvania?
It is never a bad idea to check it again before your next outing.

Pennsylvania Fishing License

Purchasing a fishing license you are helping to preserve the environment and also ensure that future generations can enjoy fishing as you are. Among other things, your fishing license fees support fisheries and hatcheries management, education programs about fishing and conservation, protection of endangered species.

Here it is where you can get your fishing license.

Links to Pennsylvania Government Agencies

Here are a few websites of Pennsylvania's agencies involved in regulation and conservation.

Pennsylvania Fishing News

Check out what is the latest fishing buzz in Pennsylvania.

  • Ancient mass extinction led to dominance of tiny fish
  • Image courtesy University of Pennsylvania. Watch a video on the research here. When times are good, it pays to be the big fish in the sea; in the aftermath of disaster, however, smaller is better. According to new research led by the University of ...
  • Space Daily
  • -
  • 11/20/2015 9:08:19 AM
  • Chasing Love Of Fishing At Psu
  • Now halfway through an engineering degree at Pennsylvania State University I joined the bass team to see how I do with tournament fishing. I always want to keep learning about the sport and I feel that this site really helps bring together a ton of ...
  • The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide
  • -
  • 11/19/2015 6:17:43 AM
  • Expanding My Tackle Box
  • A little background on myself... I live in western Pennsylvania, and typically fish shallow lakes and dams (3'-8'). ALL of my fishing is from the shore. I'm using a 6'6 medium spinning rod with 10lb IronSilk. Generally speaking, I fish soft plastics.
  • The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide
  • -
  • 11/18/2015 10:50:55 AM
  • New, better steelhead fishing a long-term goal
  • Competition from other anglers is a given. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officials are exploring ways to ease that congestion. Earlier this fall, agency staff took a walking tour of the tributaries, looking for migration barriers — waterfalls ...
  • -
  • 11/17/2015 11:16:33 PM
  • It pays to be a small fish in a big pond after a mass extintion
  • In the aftermath, it paid to be small a new study suggests. The researchers at University of Pennsylvania found that small fish dominated the ecological niches for nearly 40 million years. This tremendous rebound time is relevant today when overfishing is
  • -
  • 11/16/2015 6:45:44 PM
  • Brook trout wins big for 2016 Pennsylvania fishing license buttons
  • Pennsylvania anglers have the option of sporting a bit of fishy camouflage next year. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission announced earlier this month the 2016 fishing license button will feature a brook trout pattern, as chosen overwhelmingly ...
  • Lehigh Valley Live
  • -
  • 11/15/2015 8:52:47 AM
  • Mass extinction results in tiny fish ruling seas for 40 million years
  • The study, which was led by University of Pennsylvania paleontologist Lauren Sallan, took a look at fish that existed in the Mississippian Period, or 359 to 323 million years ago. And her findings revealed that the fish in those years were much smaller ...
  • -
  • 11/14/2015 2:27:25 AM
  • No Fish Harvest at Miller Pond in Wayne County
  • There’s no fish to catch in the pond, at least not for members of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission. The commission was planning to take the fish out of Miller Pond, and move as many fish as possible to Prompton Dam, but things didn’t go as ...
  • WNEP-TV 16
  • -
  • 11/13/2015 9:55:24 PM
  • Waiting to Save the Fish in Miller’s Pond
  • CLIFTON TOWNSHIP – Why would more than a dozen Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officials spend the entire day watching the water drain out of a pond near Waymart? It all had to do with a plan to salvage fish in Miller’s Pond. Now those plans have ...
  • WNEP-TV 16
  • -
  • 11/12/2015 10:18:04 PM
  • Brook trout pattern wins in a landslide in fishing license button vote
  • A brook trout pattern has been selected over several basic colors by anglers voting in an online ballot for the 2016 Pennsylvania fishing license button, according to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. The brook trout pattern received 3,755 votes .
  • Penn Live
  • -
  • 11/11/2015 2:55:26 PM
  • Game, Fish/Boat commissioner search ends Friday, Oct. 30
  • The Governor's Advisory Council for Hunting, Fishing and Conservation on Friday, Oct. 30, will close its public search for candidates interested in positions on the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and Pennsylvania Game Commission. The council is ...
  • Penn Live
  • -
  • 10/27/2015 9:58:16 AM
  • Is a call for attracting fish the next big thing?
  • Could it really work? Fish do indeed “hear,” though the way in which they gather sound is different from humans, said, David Argent, professor of wildlife and fisheries science at California University of Pennsylvania. “They do possess a highly ...
  • -
  • 10/27/2015 2:55:55 AM
  • Angler fund has provided 20 miles of Erie-area fishing access
  • ERIE, Pa. -- Sales of the Lake Erie permit generate about $600,000 to $700,000 each year for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's Erie Access Improvement Program. Since 2005, more than $4.1 million from the program has been used to acquire property
  • Goerie
  • -
  • 10/25/2015 12:56:36 AM
  • Residents Meet with Fish and Boat Commission over Pond Drainage Outrage
  • FOREST CITY -- Outrage over the draining of two ponds in Wayne County prompted the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to host a public meeting with residents. That meeting was held Thursday night in Forest City before a packed house. “Wayne County has .
  • WNEP-TV 16
  • -
  • 10/23/2015 3:57:56 AM
  • This week on Pennsylvania Outdoor Life: Striper Fishing and Cooking
  • Coming up this week, we'll head to Beltzville State Park for a little bit of striper fishing with a local expert complete with tips that you can use. Then we'll head out in search of edible herbs with field staff member Rick Koval to pair with our fresh ..
  • WNEP-TV 16
  • -
  • 10/21/2015 3:27:30 PM
  • PFBC announces new fishing regulations and two drawdowns in Wayne County
  • Due to deficiencies in the dams at Miller Pond and White Oak Pond in Wayne County the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) has initiated plans to completely drain the lakes until the dams can be rehabilitated to meet current engineering and safety
  • Examiner
  • -
  • 10/18/2015 5:44:05 AM
  • Outdoors notebook: Fishing license fee increase gains support
  • State Sen. James Brewster, D-McKeesport, is expected to soon introduce legislation that would raise Pennsylvania fishing license fees for the first time since 2005. The Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited has thrown its support, and considerable ...
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • -
  • 10/18/2015 3:56:42 AM
  • Frye: When it comes to fishing licenses, it's not just about the money
  • Some experiments fail. This is one of them. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission lowered the cost of fishing licenses by $1 for 2015 to see if the price break might encourage more people to fish. It did but barely. The result is the commission is ...
  • -
  • 10/17/2015 10:48:54 PM
  • Families learn basics of fishing
  • Conducted in partnership with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the event was free, no fishing license was necessary, and all equipment was provided. Participants learned the basics of fishing and received one-on-one instruction as needed.
  • Reading Eagle
  • -
  • 10/16/2015 6:00:46 AM
  • Mentored youth fishing opportunities
  • WAYNE COUNTY, PA — Upper Woods Pond, an 80-acre, natural glacial lake in Lebanon Township, located off Upper Woods Road, is among several lakes statewide that will be stocked with trout by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) for a special ...
  • River Reporter
  • -
  • 10/14/2015 4:40:14 PM
  • What's the strangest thing you've hooked while fishing?
  • According to a local CBS article, the incident happened in western Pennsylvania. So what's the strangest thing you've ever caught while fishing? Take the poll and provide the details in the comments.
  • KSL
  • -
  • 10/13/2015 6:57:25 PM
  • Lake of the Woods area mourns three lost fishing guides
  • Many contributions came from northern Minnesota or Warren, where Haugtvedt grew up. Some came from as far as Pennsylvania, where Ayers was from. Ayers was an experienced and licensed fishing guide, friends said. The community will have to “be OK with not .
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • -
  • 10/13/2015 6:57:25 PM

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