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Fishing Montana

EZFishing brings you Montana's most comprehensive list of fishing locations, providing interactive maps that show each location's GPS coordinates, nearby facilities (like restaurants, gas stations, marinas and fishing shops), their current and forecasted weather and, if available, their water conditions.

Registered users can rate fishing locations, post their personal/public notes and also tag them with information about fish species generally caught there as well as the most common and effective fishing techniques.

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Find any of the 10686 locations currently available in EZFishing database, to check fishing reports, maps, directions, weather and water conditions.


Montana Fishing Resources

Fishing regulations and licensing, guides/outfitter services and local fishing clubs in Montana.

Montana Fishing Regulations

Are you familiar with the fishing regulation in Montana?
It is never a bad idea to check it again before your next outing.

Montana Fishing License

Purchasing a fishing license you are helping to preserve the environment and also ensure that future generations can enjoy fishing as you are. Among other things, your fishing license fees support fisheries and hatcheries management, education programs about fishing and conservation, protection of endangered species.

Here it is where you can get your fishing license.

Links to Montana Government Agencies

Here are a few websites of Montana's agencies involved in regulation and conservation.

Montana Fishing News

Check out what is the latest fishing buzz in Montana.

  • Fishing access sites reopen as floodwaters recede
  • Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks officials have reopened several fishing access sites (FASs) that were closed during spring flooding in Missoula County. Council Grove State Park, Deep Creek, Harpers Bridge and Sha-Ron FASs are all open again. The Clark Fork
  • 8 News KULR8
  • -
  • 6/8/2018 7:29:00 PM
  • Jr. Ranger Let's Go Fishing
  • “Fishing in the rivers and lakes of Montana as a kid instilled in me a lifelong love of the sport.” In the coming weeks, kids can pick up a print version of the booklet, funded in part by the National Park Foundation, at more than 500 national ...
  • National Park Service
  • -
  • 6/8/2018 3:32:00 AM
  • Orphaned Harlowton bears back in the wild
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens and wildlife biologist released the yearling cubs in south central Montana earlier this week. They last were seen climbing into a big pine tree in their native habitat. In September, the cubs and their mother .
  • -
  • 6/7/2018 11:54:00 PM
  • Emergency Closure Reduced on Noxon Reservoir
  • This rule is effective while dangerous conditions exist and will expire when Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and partners determine the area is safe for recreational use. FWP adopted the initial emergency closure on May 18 due to dangerous high-water levels
  • -
  • 6/7/2018 9:51:00 PM
  • Top River Trips on America's Public Waters
  • So fasten your life jackets, grab your paddle and #FindYourWay on one of these awesome river trips! One of four sections that make up Montana’s Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Bear Trap Canyon Wilderness is an ideal spot for a fishing and boating trip.
  • -
  • 6/6/2018 7:17:00 AM
  • Flathead River Beginning to Shape up for Fly Fishing
  • While waiting for the big rivers to shape up, unless you head to a tailwater or find a smaller stream that stabilizes early, you always have the option of fishing one of Northwest Montana’s many lakes, which Wittman and Kara said have been excellent this .
  • Flathead Beacon
  • -
  • 6/6/2018 6:13:00 AM
  • Fishing and Boating Responsibly in Montana
  • We’re outdoor loving men here at Gunaxin, and that certainly includes fishing and boating. Located right near the Chesapeake Bay, we often enjoy water sports and wildlife that the region has to offer. However we also travel often, and last year that ...
  • -
  • 6/6/2018 4:37:00 AM
  • FWP Opens Fishing Access Sites But High Rivers Took Signs, Left Debris
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is opening up a bunch of Fishing Access Sites on local rivers this week which had been closed due to flooding, but even though they may be open, FWP spokeswoman Vivaca Crowser says many won’t look the same. "I don't think .
  • KGVO
  • -
  • 6/5/2018 8:21:00 PM
  • Youth Fishing Jamboree offered June 16 at Riverfront
  • The jamboree will provide a free fishing pole for those who need one, fishing safety and instruction from Carol Henckel, assisted by volunteers from Montana PikeMasters, Walleyes Unlimited, Montana Audubon, YMCA/Kiwanis and Magic City Fly Fishers.
  • Billings Gazette
  • -
  • 6/5/2018 8:16:00 PM
  • Montana Seeks Comment on North Fork Blackfoot River Fish Restoration
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is seeking comment on its proposal to collect baseline information to help in planning for a potential native fish restoration project on the North Fork Blackfoot River. The proposal is outlined in an Environmental ...
  • -
  • 6/5/2018 7:44:00 AM
  • Event invites public to learn about, monitor chimney swifts
  • Come join us for “A Swift Night” – chimney swifts, that is – on Monday, June 11 at the Miles City Public Library at 7 p.m. During this event, hosted by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Montana Audubon Society, participants will learn about ...
  • -
  • 6/4/2018 10:33:00 PM
  • New Junior Ranger Activity Book Encourages Kids to Go Fish
  • “Fishing in the rivers and lakes of Montana as a kid instilled in me a lifelong love of the sport.” In the coming weeks, kids can pick up a print version of the booklet, funded in part by the National Park Foundation, at more than 500 national ...
  • National Park Service
  • -
  • 6/4/2018 6:57:00 PM
  • FWP Seeking Members for Region 2 Citizen Advisory Committee
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is seeking applicants to fill several volunteer positions on the west-central Montana Region 2 Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is a general advisory committee that provides input and feedback to FWP on diverse
  • -
  • 6/4/2018 4:18:00 PM
  • How to Surf Fish Using a Drone
  • A mining engineer from Montana Tech of the University of Montana (Butte), with a passion for all knowledge this world has to offer. Surf fishing is primarily a salt water sport that involves casting a bait or lure into the surf while either standing on the
  • -
  • 6/4/2018 6:51:00 AM
  • Yogo Creek Incident: Bigfoot and Fish
  • I was in Montana for filming an adventure type show for a producer out of Helena. I had been filmed fishing, prospecting for Eldorado Bar sapphires, prospecting for gold and pursuing Bigfoot. Growing tired of a crowd being a solo type individual I wanted a
  • -
  • 6/3/2018 7:25:00 AM
  • Free fishing days coming up in Washington, Idaho and Montana
  • Washington, Idaho and Montana are all offering free fishing days in the upcoming weeks. Normally fishing without a license is a sure way to end up with a hefty fine, but on selected days during the next two weeks anglers can cast freely. That presents the
  • The Spokesman-Review
  • -
  • 6/2/2018 10:16:00 PM
  • New Junior Ranger Activity Book Encourages Kids to Go Fish
  • “Fishing in the rivers and lakes of Montana as a kid instilled in me a lifelong love of the sport.” In the coming weeks, kids can pick up a print version of the booklet, funded in part by the National Park Foundation, at more than 500 national ...
  • Sierra Sun Times
  • -
  • 6/2/2018 2:44:00 PM
  • Information Sought on Grizzly Bear Shooting North of Libby
  • Kalispell, MT — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks are seeking information on the shooting death of a sub-adult male grizzly bear found dead on Forest Road 4859 in the Kootenai Forest, north of Libby in Northwest Montana.
  • -
  • 6/1/2018 11:04:00 PM
  • Master Naturalist course to be offered at Montana WILD
  • Take a bird survey, listen to bats, learn about insects and native plants, discover Montana’s native fish, learn to live with carnivores! These are just a few of the activities planned for the Helena Master Naturalist course, June 25-29, at Montana WILD ..
  • -
  • 6/1/2018 3:27:00 PM
  • Montana: Some Yellowstone River Fishing Access Sites Underwater
  • At least six Fishing Access Sites along the Yellowstone River in Southeastern Montana are under water or are experiencing some form of flooding, and others are close to flooding as the river continues to rise. Portions of four of those sites have been ...
  • -
  • 6/1/2018 8:36:00 AM
  • Free fishing for Father’s Day weekend, June 16-17
  • Whether you’re tying on a salmon fly or threading a night crawler onto a hook, during Father’s Day weekend, everyone in Montana can fish for free. “Montana is home to some of the finest fishing anywhere in the world. It’ll be a great chance to get ...
  • -
  • 5/31/2018 6:37:00 PM

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