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Fishing Utah

EZFishing brings you Utah's most comprehensive list of fishing locations, providing interactive maps that show each location's GPS coordinates, nearby facilities (like restaurants, gas stations, marinas and fishing shops), their current and forecasted weather and, if available, their water conditions.

Registered users can rate fishing locations, post their personal/public notes and also tag them with information about fish species generally caught there as well as the most common and effective fishing techniques.

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Select anyone of the 3828 locations currently available in EZFishing database, to check fishing reports, maps, directions, weather and water conditions.


Utah Fishing Resources

Fishing regulations and licensing, guides/outfitter services and local fishing clubs in Utah.

Utah Fishing Regulations

Are you familiar with the fishing regulation in Utah?
It is never a bad idea to check it again before your next outing.

Utah Fishing License

Purchasing a fishing license you are helping to preserve the environment and also ensure that future generations can enjoy fishing as you are. Among other things, your fishing license fees support fisheries and hatcheries management, education programs about fishing and conservation, protection of endangered species.

Here it is where you can get your fishing license.

Links to Utah Government Agencies

Here are a few websites of Utah's agencies involved in regulation and conservation.

Utah Fishing News

Check out what is the latest fishing buzz in Utah.

  • Utah celebrates big conservation success story with tiny fish
  • In a rare victory, Utah wildlife officials are celebrating a decision by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that credits the success of state-led efforts to protect the tiny least chub, which decades ago was found in only three distinct spots. SALT LAKE CITY
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 8/26/2014 10:49:31 PM
  • Fly Fishing Festival enters fifth year
  • Vendor booth hours will be from 9 a.m. to 6 Four Seasons has been working in collaboration with many other local fly fishing companies and nonprofit organizations, including Fall River Flyrods, Utah Trout Unlimited, High Country Fly Fishers and the ...
  • Park Record
  • -
  • 8/19/2014 10:50:40 PM
  • 28-pound striper "landed" at Lake Powell
  • Wayne Gustaveson with the Wayne's Words Lake Powell Fishing page and Lake Powell Project Leader for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources sent in this fun story about a big striper "landed" at the massive reservoir. Early Saturday morning, June 14 ...
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 6/19/2014 10:48:26 AM
  • Anglers help state wildlife agencies move smallmouth bass at Flaming Gorge
  • A smallmouth bass transplant project was completed on Flaming Gorge (May 30th) in coordination with Wyoming Game and Fish (WGFD), Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR), US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Trout Unlimited, Cowboy Bass ...
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 6/11/2014 11:26:34 AM
  • Kokanee salmon fishing seminar is June 18
  • Attendees will have a chance to win one of three guided kokanee salmon fishing trips. Utah's Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council is offering the seminar at 7 p.m., Wednesday, June 18, at the Department of Natural Resources, 1594 W. North Temple.
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 6/9/2014 8:11:29 PM
  • Recreation: Saturday is Free Fishing Day in Utah
  • It is time for all those cheapskate, once-a-year anglers to dig their gear out of the garage, contemplate changing the 12-year-old line on the reel — but not actually doing so — and then make their way to the crowded banks for a chance to catch "free ...
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 6/4/2014 8:57:23 AM
  • June sucker recovery programs helping endangered fish survive
  • The June sucker is a fish native to Utah Lake and the Provo River. Efforts over the past decade to help the endangered fish survive appear to be paying off. “This is exciting. Ten years ago we would see a handful a fish in a day, and if we saw three or ...
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 5/31/2014 3:14:21 PM
  • Wildlife agency seeks input on fishing changes
  • The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is seeking input about potential fishing regulation changes for 2015. SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is seeking input about potential fishing regulation changes for 2015. More information ..
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 5/29/2014 4:42:37 PM
  • June 7 is Free Fishing Day in Utah
  • To help people enjoy fishing, the DWR is holding a Free Fishing Day on Saturday, June 7. Those wanting to participate will not need a fishing license to fish in Utah that day. SALT LAKE CITY — Early June is one of the best times to fish in Utah ...
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 5/28/2014 3:10:45 PM
  • Biggest lake trout of the spring netting - 34-pounder at Flaming Gorge
  • Here's his report from Friday morning. We conducted lake trout netting at Antelope Flat this morning, and hosted a "job shadow", Adalade Cook from Vernal, Utah. She decided to hang around some biologists that reeked of fish after a long week of netting.
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 5/16/2014 12:26:02 PM
  • Students with special needs enjoy fishing day
  • Utah County students who have special needs enjoyed a fishing day on Tuesday. Utah County students who have special needs enjoyed a Fishing Day on Tuesday. The students went out angling at Salem Pond, and Fresh Market prepared lunch for the more than 1,300
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 5/13/2014 6:34:39 PM
  • We need you to help stock the Tribune's Hook Shot fishing photo feature
  • I need your help in getting some cool photos to get the feature going again. The only requirement is that the fish was caught in Utah or was caught by a Utah angler. I need details on where and when the photo was taken and who is in the shot. If there is a
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 5/13/2014 11:32:19 AM
  • Navajo Lake Survey - Some winterkill but splake up to 7-pounds
  • Mike Hadley, an aquatic biologist with the UDWR in southern Utah, sent in this report from a recent survey at Navajo Lake. The ice came off Navajo Lake east of Cedar City a couple of weeks ago and a combination of slow fishing and a number of dead fish ...
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 5/12/2014 9:53:17 AM
  • Biologists offer top fishing spots in Utah
  • There is a thought among anglers that state fisheries biologists always know where the best fishing is happening across Utah. That is certainly the case with some biologists, but definitely not all. There is also an assumption, which is never the case ...
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 5/7/2014 7:39:02 PM
  • Recreation: Where to go fishing this year
  • There is a thought among anglers that state fisheries biologists always know where the best fishing is happening across Utah. That is certainly the case with some biologists, but definitely not all. There is also an assumption, which is never the case ...
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 5/7/2014 6:34:37 PM
  • Sportsmen's groups urge funding for wildlife habitat, fishing areas
  • A Western coalition of more than 100 sportsmen's groups including four organizations from Utah urged Congress to direct money to the Land and Water Conservation Fund to protect access on critical fish and wildlife habitats on public lands. SALT LAKE CITY .
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 4/24/2014 10:10:28 PM
  • Newcastle Reservoir Spring Survey - 7-pound wiper and big 'bows
  • Look for wiper fishing to pick up with warming water temperature, possibly in May. Ben Brown of the Utah Division of Water Quality holds a couple of nice wipers caught during a trend net survey at Newcastle Reservoir on March 26, 2014.
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 4/1/2014 10:20:26 AM
  • Lake Powell Fishing Report - Stripers continue to be the main catch
  • Usually only one 18 inch fish is caught at a time. Normal catch for a 4 hour trip is 20 stripers. Remember that a nonresident Utah fishing license allows you to fish in both UT and AZ. Fishing will improve dramatically when water temperature ...
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 4/1/2014 10:13:17 AM
  • Dutch John — a Utah town fishing for a future
  • Dutch John » This Daggett County hamlet has been misunderstood from the start. Area residents coined the name in the 1860s because immigrant John Honselena wintered his horses on the flats where the community now sits. The Bureau of Reclamation put eight .
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • -
  • 3/30/2014 12:57:18 AM
  • The story of a fish, a river and what's ahead for property owners
  • The proposal is to reroute a 1.5-mile segment of the river to the north, creating a delta in which several tendrils of flowing water eventually wind their way to Utah ... fish to survive, thrive and make the swim upstream. "The habitat ...
  • Deseret News
  • -
  • 3/8/2014 1:23:24 AM

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