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What are Tides?

Tides are the rising of Earth's seas and ocean surface caused by tidal forces of the Moon and the Sun acting on them.
Tides cause changes in the depth of the marine and estuarine water bodies and produce oscillating currents, also known as tidal streams, making prediction of tides important for coastal navigation and fishing.

The changing tide produced at a given location is the result of the changing positions of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth coupled with the effects of Earth rotation and the bathymetry of oceans, seas and estuaries.


Please, DO NOT rely on the content of this page for decisions that can result in harm to anyone or anything.

Although we use NOAA services to provide you with the information presented in this page, if you need certifiably correct tide predictions please go to the NOAA web site.

Fishing Tides in North Carolina

EZFishing brings you tides predictions for a comprehensive list of tide stations in North Carolina. Tide stations are shown on a map of North Carolina state, also providing daily high tide and low tide predictions.

Mouse hover on any tide station in the map to display high and low tides predictions for the day, and follow the links to detailed daily predictions and feeding forecasts for that tide station.


North Carolina Tides Stations

These are the tide stations for which EZFishing offers tidal value predictions in this state.
Click on the area nodes to expand the list of tide stations in a specific area, then click on a tide station to open its tidal prediction page.

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