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Members Benefits

EZFishing members can contribute to editing information about fishing locations, as well as register and store new fishing spots in any of the locations defined in EZFishing database.

EZFishing members can also use EZFishing diary to log the details and success of their fishing expedition, including storing pictures.

Of course, it is up to members whether to share their fishing spots or diary information with others, or not...

Guides Benefits

Fishing guides who register with EZFishing enjoy all the features and benefits as generic members.

Additionally, fishing guides can syndicate EZFishing services on their web sites, or even have their web site hosted withing EZFishing.

If you are a fishing guide and want to know more about partnering with EZFishing, you can find that information here.

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We are asking you for your personal information only to make your experience more relevant and enjoyable, providing you with personalized services, whenever possible.

For example, knowing where you live, through your state and zipcodes, allows us to show you more often weather, news, reports, buddies of your area.

EZFishing won't use your personal information for any other purposes.

If you like to know more about EZFishing privacy policy, you can find it here.

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