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Fishing Utah

EZFishing brings you Utah's most comprehensive list of fishing locations, providing interactive maps that show each location's GPS coordinates, nearby facilities (like restaurants, gas stations, marinas and fishing shops), their current and forecasted weather and, if available, their water conditions.

Registered users can rate fishing locations, post their personal/public notes and also tag them with information about fish species generally caught there as well as the most common and effective fishing techniques.

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Select anyone of the 3828 locations currently available in EZFishing database, to check fishing reports, maps, directions, weather and water conditions.


Utah Fishing Resources

Fishing regulations and licensing, guides/outfitter services and local fishing clubs in Utah.

Utah Fishing Regulations

Are you familiar with the fishing regulation in Utah?
It is never a bad idea to check it again before your next outing.

Utah Fishing License

Purchasing a fishing license you are helping to preserve the environment and also ensure that future generations can enjoy fishing as you are. Among other things, your fishing license fees support fisheries and hatcheries management, education programs about fishing and conservation, protection of endangered species.

Here it is where you can get your fishing license.

Links to Utah Government Agencies

Here are a few websites of Utah's agencies involved in regulation and conservation.

Utah Fishing News

Check out what is the latest fishing buzz in Utah.

  • Teens end day of fishing with a rescue
  • Officers from Utah State Parks, the Division of Natural Resources and some men who were fishing in the area all assisted in the search. When rescuers arrived, they were not immediately able to find the boys, and at one point, they reported that they had ..
  • The Herald Journal
  • -
  • 4/30/2017 2:24:00 AM
  • Tips for fishing kokanee salmon in spring, summer
  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS — Kokanee salmon are a highly sought-after fish in Utah reservoirs. These fish are not that difficult to catch when one follows a few steps for locating and getting lures down to them. Kokanee salmon are the landlocked strain of the ...
  • KSL
  • -
  • 4/28/2017 6:48:00 PM
  • Catching reds on a windy day
  • We had a group come in from Utah that wanted to get a taste of LA fishing. The conditions were terrible but the reds bit which made for a fun day. The crew only could fish a few hours so I went straight to the marsh with Matrix Green Hornet and my crew ...
  • Louisiana Sportsman
  • -
  • 4/27/2017 4:35:00 PM
  • 20,000 prized tiger muskie fish stocked in Pineview Reservoir
  • PINEVIEW RESERVOIR — Get excited, anglers. Pineview Reservoir is now stocked with 20,000 trophy fish. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources released thousands of tiger muskies into Pineview — and three other Utah reservoirs — this week. The tiger ...
  • Ogden Standard-Examiner
  • -
  • 4/27/2017 3:39:00 PM
  • Utah Crew have a Great time
  • We had a crew from Utah with us today. With the wind blowing a constant 25mph all day we tucked into the marsh for reds. Plan was to fish a couple hours for slot reds, then let them experience the fight of the bulls. The slot red plan worked out great and
  • Louisiana Sportsman
  • -
  • 4/27/2017 2:22:00 PM
  • Prized trophy fish stocked in Pineview Reservoir
  • PINEVIEW RESERVOIR, Utah -- The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources just stocked Pineview Reservoir with 12,500 tiny fish who could grow to be as big as a elementary school student in a few years. The tiger muskie started as a way to control overpopulation
  • Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City
  • -
  • 4/27/2017 12:26:00 AM
  • Utah: Plans to Restore Uintah Basin Fisheries
  • A nice largemouth bass fishery is developing at Steinaker Reservoir. Once the dam repair and earthquake work are done, DWR biologists will start bringing the largemouth bass fishery back. VERNAL — Big changes are in store for two fisheries in the Uintah ..
  • -
  • 4/25/2017 8:06:00 AM
  • Tips for fly fishing during the spring runoff
  • Despite the high, muddy waters, good fish can still be caught in high water conditions. In Utah's high-elevation rivers, the current is swift, which can make for hazardous wading in deep pockets of water. But if you concentrate on the shallowest runs you .
  • KSL
  • -
  • 4/21/2017 7:02:00 PM
  • Springtime is the best time to fish Joes Valley
  • ORANGEVILLE — If anglers want to catch big fish in Utah this spring, Joes Valley Reservoir is the first place to consider visiting. Nestled in a picturesque valley in east-central Utah, the reservoir features turquoise blue water and three fish species ...
  • Daily Herald
  • -
  • 4/20/2017 6:18:00 AM
  • Prime Time at Utah's Joes Valley Reservoir
  • Orangeville – If you want to catch big fish in Utah this spring, Joes Valley Reservoir is the first place you should consider visiting. Nestled in a picturesque valley in east-central Utah, the reservoir features turquoise blue water and three fish ...
  • -
  • 4/19/2017 7:37:00 AM
  • Why now is a great time to fish Joes Valley Reservoir
  • Located about 15 miles west of Orangeville in east-central Utah, Joes Valley offers turquoise blue water and three different fish species: splake (a sterile cross between lake trout and brook trout), cutthroat trout and tiger muskies. And Utah Division of
  • KSL
  • -
  • 4/18/2017 10:48:00 PM
  • Facing disappearing sage grouse, Game and Fish takes action
  • Luttschwager and a cast of individuals from the North Dakota and Wyoming Game and Fish departments, Utah State University and the Bureau of Land Management collaborated on a translocation effort of Wyoming sage grouse. Convincing the grouse to stay would .
  • Williston Herald
  • -
  • 4/15/2017 5:10:00 AM
  • Utah does the DU
  • I helped out Capt. G with a big crew from Utah yesterday. Turns out Karl Malone the Hall of Famer Karl Malone was along for the trip. He didn't fish with me but he was a very down to earth guy that loves to fish. Always love to see accomplished athletes ..
  • Louisiana Sportsman
  • -
  • 4/12/2017 6:54:00 AM
  • Utah: Heber City-Deer Creek Reservoir Stocked with 100,000 Rainbows
  • Willard Bay Reservoir is also a great place to take your family and friends fishing in Utah this spring. Photo by Phil Tuttle Heber City–Deer Creek Reservoir has received more than 100,000 rainbow trout in just the past few months. But that isn't the ...
  • -
  • 4/10/2017 6:48:00 AM
  • Northern Pike Designated Invasives in Utah Lake
  • DWR biologists caught this northern pike during a survey at Utah Lake. Biologists and anglers are concerned about the effect northern pike might have on fish in the lake. Photo by Chris Crockett PROVO — When fish are taken from one body of water, and ...
  • -
  • 4/10/2017 6:48:00 AM
  • Video: First Day of Spring on the Provo
  • Unfortunately, local water levels are not looking too promising: So this video shot on the the first day of spring on Utah’s Provo River may offer a vision of fly fishing that we won’t find this weekend. Regardless, watching others catch beautiful ...
  • -
  • 4/5/2017 7:13:00 PM
  • The fly angler's secret for fishing small creeks and streams
  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS — Because Utah is a dry, desert state, most of our large rivers receive moderate to heavy fishing pressure, especially in the summer and fall months. Guides and outfitters work these waters, along with groups of fly fishers who enjoy ...
  • KSL
  • -
  • 3/30/2017 6:56:00 PM
  • Gustaveson fishing event this weekend
  • On April 1, the Gustaveson family and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will tie fishing at Lake Powell with Wayne’s 70th birthday with a Striper Showdown Fishing Event. The free event will celebrate Gustaveson’s birthday and his favorite hobby ...
  • Lake Powell Chronicle
  • -
  • 3/29/2017 3:27:00 PM
  • Utah Battles Northern Pike Invaders
  • When fish are taken from one body of water, and placed illegally in another body of water, bad things can happen. Utah Lake is a prime example. Mike Slater, regional sportfish project leader for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says a population of ...
  • -
  • 3/27/2017 5:42:00 AM
  • Utah: Visit Scenic Sports, Catch State Fish
  • You can add extra flavor and excitement to your next trout fishing trip—and help cutthroat trout in Utah—by participating in the state's Cutthroat Slam. To complete the slam, you must catch the four cutthroat trout subspecies that live in Utah: Bear ...
  • -
  • 3/27/2017 5:42:00 AM
  • Fish Factor: Salmon forecast predicts harvest to double in 2017
  • It really sharpened my teeth covering something as complex, as politically charged, as segmented, and as culturally and economically significant as fisheries," Summers said. He can be reached in Utah at
  • The Arctic Sounder
  • -
  • 3/25/2017 5:04:00 AM

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