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Fish Feeding Predictions

Based on Solunar Theory

EZFishing helps you find the best fishing days and times at any location in United States, based on the Solunar theory.

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Feeding and Weather Weekly Forecast

EZFishing Feeding and Weather Weekly forecasts mashes up daily fish feeding predictions and weather forecasts, at any location in United States.

For each day the forecast provides information about Feeding Prediction & Times, Weather Forecasts as well as Moon and Sun Statistics.

EZFishing Weekly Feeding Times and Weather Forecast

Feeding Times Monthly Calendar

EZFishing Feeding Times Monthly Calendar provides forecasts for the best fishing days, at any location in United States.

For each day, the calendar shows both the Fish Feeding Prediction and the Major and Minor Feeding Periods.

EZFishing Feeding Times Monthly Calendar

Solunar Theory

Starting in 1926, John Alden Knight studied which factors may influence behavior of fresh or saltwater fish that caused them to be periodically more active.

Initially, Knight evaluated 33 different factors. Over time he realized that among them the influence of Sun and Moon (and secondarily tides) where - by far - the most important ones. From that research, this avid and curious fly fisherman created his Solunar Theory (Sol = sun, Lunar = moon).

Eventually Knight discovered that, over the course of a day, the times when the Moon is passing over a given location (Moon Up) or is passing the same meridian but on opposite side of Earth with respect to its observer (Moon Down) are affecting fish feeding habits the most, and he was able to compute the Major Feeding Periods.

Then, he realized that there were also other periods during the day, called Minor Feeding Periods, when the fish is actively feeding.

In fact, both Moon and Sun positions should be taken into account to calculate the Major and Minor Feeding Periods for a day. So, during the course of a month, certain days are better than others because the action of sun and moon are working together, while in other days they are challenging each other and therefore have less impact on fish willingness to feed.

Based on these observation, Knight was also able to find a way to predict which days in a month are potentially the best fishing days.

Feeding Predictions

The influence of Sun and Moon on fish feeding periods changes during the course of the year and each lunar month.

The most influence happens when Sun and Moon are closer to Earth and, during each day, when their gravitational pull is in sync.

Therefore, certain days in a month are potentially better than others to go fishing.

We call this Fish Feeding Prediction, and we rate that from 1 star (poor) to 5 starts (best).

Feeding Times

Fish do not feed all the time. Yet at times fish may go on the feed and take almost any offering, be it live bait or artificial lure.

John Alden Knight found out that these periods - here called Feeding Times - are mostly caused by the influence of Sun and - especially - Moon (just like tides) and can be predicted with a certain degree of accuracy.

In fact, there can be up to two Major Feeding Times and two Minor Feeding Times in a day. During Major Feeding times the influence of Moon and Sun is greater, therefore fish are more active.

Simply put, for any given location and with all other conditions remaining the same, Major and Minor Feeding Times are the best time to go fishing.

John Alden Knight

John Alden Knight was an avid flyfisherman who developed the Solunar Theory, which is now used to predict best fishing days and times at any location.

Knight was also author of various books on the solunar theory and fishing. His enthusiasm and work are fascinating. If you are interested, here is a list of John Alden Knight's titles.

Weather Effects

Fish are very sensitive to weather conditions. In fact, barometric fluctuactions - especially if the trend is down - can negatively affect fishing.

In particular, approaching cold fronts can drive the fish deeper and render them inactive, less willing to feed.

Conversely, if weather conditions are steady or improving, if the temperature is favorable then you may experience feeding times longer than expected.

Therefore, when you look at Feeding Predictions and Times always use the weather forecast information intelligently. That is why we report this here together with all other factors affecting fish feeding.

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