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Fish Feeding Predictions - Search Location on Map

Based on Solunar Theory

Browse and zoom on the map, click on any place in USA to find your local fish feeding forecast.

Not sure how to do it? Read more instructions below.

Search on map


First, browse the map and zoom in until you find the general area you are interested in. For example, below you see how the map for an area of the Pacific Coast in Washington State.

EZFishing Solunar Map Search - browse


Then, point and click with your mouse cursor on the map. A pushpin will be shown and (after few moments) an information panel will display information about the closest US city and (possibly) a link for the solunar forecast. The picture below shows you an example of the information displayed.

EZFishing Solunar Map Search - click


Finally, click on the Solunar link to open the weekfly forecast at that location.

If the information displayed does not show the Solunar link, it means that you are too far away (more than 20 miles) from a US city. Try to click nearby to get closer to a US city.

Feeding Predictions

The influence of Sun and Moon on fish feeding periods changes during the course of the year and each lunar month.

The most influence happens when Sun and Moon are closer to Earth and, during each day, when their gravitational pull is in sync.

Therefore, certain days in a month are potentially better than others to go fishing.

We call this Fish Feeding Prediction, and we rate that from 1 star (poor) to 5 starts (best).


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Feeding Times

Fish do not feed all the time. Yet at times fish may go on the feed and take almost any offering, be it live bait or artificial lure.

John Alden Knight found out that these periods - here called Feeding Times - are mostly caused by the influence of Sun and - especially - Moon (just like tides) and can be predicted with a certain degree of accuracy.

In fact, there can be up to two Major Feeding Times and two Minor Feeding Times in a day. During Major Feeding times the influence of Moon and Sun is greater, therefore fish are more active.

Simply put, for any given location and with all other conditions remaining the same, Major and Minor Feeding Times are the best time to go fishing.

John Alden Knight

John Alden Knight was an avid flyfisherman who developed the Solunar Theory, which is now used to predict best fishing days and times at any location.

Knight was also author of various books on the solunar theory and fishing. His enthusiasm and work are fascinating. If you are interested, here is a list of John Alden Knight's titles.

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